Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) that will help manage medical records for hospitals and medical centers. It’s an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a hospital’s operations such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance. It includes electronic health records, business intelligence, and revenue cycle management.  It’s a customizable, comprehensive, and integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations. The customizable alert software sends the text, IM, and email reminders and improves the quality of patient care. This hospital management software helps you to be aware of revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real-time at your fingertips. The system will be divided by modules and we’ll start with these modules one by one tom makes sure we implement it.


The system include the following sub modules:

Inpatient, Outpatient and Emergency

Appointments and Encounters

Physicians Management

Lab Operator Management






Inventory, Point of sale and Pharmacy